Clients Worldwide of Elite Tarot have shared:

"Eve provided my tarot card reading with such insightful, accuracy.  Her gentle approach addressed the very issues that were being questioned in my life.  Eve encouraged my participation to gain a deeper exploration into the meaning of the cards.  I was able to achieve better clarity of my circumstances through Eve’s thoughtful explanation, as well as appreciate the necessary position I am in at this time in my life.  I was given many pearls of wisdom with my tarot card reading and one I continue to listen to is "life is when you begin it". I acknowledge that Eve has divine ability and I am appreciative for having experienced her intuitive gift." -- V.H.

"You are wonderful and I TRULY appreciate your insight and advice. It opened my eyes to many "truths" that need some tweaking. Today is a new beginning ;) THANK YOU!" --E.D.

"It was such a pleasure to have you at the party Eve – we loved having you. We got rave reviews and couldn’t be happier! We will certainly use you in the future!" -- A.K.

"It was truly a pleasure working with you on Saturday evening and we cannot wait to work with you again in the near future." --M.P.

"I want you to know that your reading has brought me so much clarity as things have been unfolding in my life." --A.L.

"Thank you so much for our time today. It has given me a path for a brighter future." --C.P.

"Eve was professional and extremely easy to work with in preparation for the party. She was a huge hit and gave amazing readings. Everyone loved their reading. I would definitely recommend Elite Tarot!" -- P.C.

"Eve did a great job doing tarot card readings at my party! Eve was radiant with positive energy! In addition, she was very professional and arrived on time. Thanks Eve!" -- G.F.

“Was great talking to you yesterday. This morning I woke up much lighter and positive. Thank you again.”— V.C.

"I'm still just over the moon about my reading! Thank you for the summary and card layout. This was such a cathartic experience for me. Please continue what you're doing. It is such a gift." -S.B.

"Eve was simply amazing and brought her warmth and softening energy to our party. Everyone loved her readings and insights. Thank you for adding so very much to the bridal shower!" -- R.V.

"Thank you so much for doing such amazing readings for our employees! Everyone really enjoyed their experience with you and you were a huge part of making the evening such a great success." --G.E.

"Thank you so much Eve. Our time together has been very enlightening and given me that push to open my eyes and listen to the universe." --K.S.

"Thanks for teaching me how to re-arrange my thoughts into positive paths and open myself to the universe. My experience with Elite Tarot has been extremely insightful and helpful." --L.R.

"Elite Tarot was wonderful. Eve showed up early and stayed later to accommodate everyone's needs. She was friendly, warm and welcoming and the guests at the party had a great time learning about tarot readings and getting their own reading. Would definitely use her again!" -- L.S.

“Thank you soooo very much Eve. You are so healing and life hasn’t been the same since.”-- D.E.

"Thank you for the wonderful and eye-opening reading you gave me. There is something absolutely authentic and magnetic about you and I knew I was in the right place right when I met you. Thank you so, very much for providing me with clarity, for uncovering my fears and for making me face them in a gentle yet completely undeniable way. Thank you for being the catalyst of a change that I felt repressed for a very long time." --H.L.

"Thank you so much, it was lovely talking with you, yesterday. Thank you for giving me ways I can heal and release my past.  I will check back in 3 months with more good news." --H.S.

“Eve did tarot readings at my store as in an store event and it was a total hit! Her readings were spot on, everyone loved her demeanor while giving the readings, and she was very professional and a delight to work with and plan this through.” --A.I.

"Thanks so much for everything.  Best tarot reading I've ever had." --S.S.

"Thanks so much Eve!  I really appreciated the audiofile, pictures and text.  I awoke this AM feeling very "unstuck" with an increased sense of positivity and energy.  I am really stoked and grateful!" --S.L.

"Eve was our entertainment for an event we had in our office.  While I didn't have a reading done myself, I had consistent feedback that the experience was exceptional. Eve has a kind demeanor, explains the reading prior to completing it, and was able to answer lots of questions from those who did have readings.  I would highly recommend Eve for any event where you may require a tarot reader." --C.R.

"I greatly enjoyed the reading and found it to be extremely on-point and enlightening. Thank you for all of your insight and warm words of encouragement; I left yesterday's consultation feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. You are truly gifted and I am very grateful for your services." --B.N.

"Eve, meeting you and experiencing the blessing of the reading was an incredible and powerful experience for me. Thank you so much for doing what you do!" -- M.J.

"Eve was professional and extremely easy to work with in preparation for the party. She was a huge hit and gave amazing readings. Everyone loved their reading. I would definitely recommend Elite Tarot!” -- C.P."

"Eve is the REAL DEAL. Worth every penny. I did a remote reading via Skype, and Eve took so much time explaining each card's meaning and then how everything connected to everything else. Months later I am still thinking about the reading and it has affected my life in a very positive way.  Eve has a gift. I am so happy that I stumbled on her website.  She is warm, intelligent, and funny, and very easy to talk to. Highly recommended!!" --M.R.

“Awesome, thank you so much! The reading was everything I needed.” -- K.S.

"Eve was great! We used her for a corporate holiday party and she arrived on time, was very flexible and received great feedback from our employees! Everybody that saw her really enjoyed her and we would definitely use her again in the future and recommend her to others!" --T.O.

"Thank you so much for your guidance yesterday. It was a pleasure talking with you and learning some ways of how to navigate through this time of change. Your insights are truly valuable." -- D.N.

"Thank you so much Eve!  You had so many helpful recommendations and I am very excited to apply all of them in my life.  You have a very positive and calming aura and I enjoy listening to you.  I look forward to communicating with you more." --T.I.

"Eve was fantastic! We hired her for a Halloween party at our home. I was worried that our guests would be uncomfortable having their cards read, but she was the hit of the party! Guests were lined up in a queue all evening, and each one came out of their reading with a positive comment and experience. I was too busy hosting to have my turn, but in my dealings with Eve in coordinating the event, she was very professional and friendly. Highly recommend!" --A.C.

"Thank you so much, Eve!!!  I thought that the reading was spot-on, and it feels great that I'm headed in the right direction. You are a dear to work with, and I appreciate your wonderful insights and examples to help me to understand what the cards were saying.  Thank you so much again! That was a wonderful, exciting experience!!" --B.K.

"You did an amazing job! Thank you so much for bringing clarity and joy to our employees. I have heard so many great things about the readings and how they felt afterwards. Thanks again Eve!" --C.J.

"This was my first tarot reading and I was unsure how it would be conducted, but Eve was calm and spiritually minded. A tarot reading is a slice of life's journey, and with Eve's objective guidance I was able to achieve a rise in consciousness and strengthen my inner direction. Eve is a good communicator, respectful, and unprejudiced. I hope many people will partake of her interactive energy and self-disciplined talents." -- A.N.

"The reading was spot on for the 2 areas I had a question about yesterday! You gave me great tips to help me along the way! Today is a new day and I’m walking in my truth! Thanks again for my reading. It was sincere and insightful!" -- J.Y.

"I so appreciated working with Eve - great communication skills leading up to the event, friendly and approachable presence, amazing stamina to go for 4 hours straight (when only contracted for 2) to accommodate all of our guests) , and flexible in adapting to the occasion (Day of the Dead celebration). It was our first time hiring a psychic and I was quite reticent - but Eve was great at allaying concerns and answering any questions." --J.R.

"Thank you so much Eve! It was really helpful and validated everything I've been thinking.  I would love to continue to see you as I embark on this journey.  Thanks again!"  --A.Z.

"Eve was SO great!!!!! We hired her for a bachelorette party and she came to our house and did a reading for all 12 girls! She was awesome, positive, and professional, not cheesey at all -- everyone loved it!"  -- B.S.

"Thaaaaaaank you so much! I truly loved my reading!" -- P.K.

"Thank you Eve!!!  Today was incredible!!  Thank you for such an insightful and helpful reading!" -- S.S.

"I recently hired Eve for several hours to do Tarot readings at a party I was hosting. Everyone loved her! She has a kind, gentle nature and made sure everyone was comfortable with the cards that they pulled. All of my guests enjoyed their readings. I would highly recommend Eve for a personal reading or for a group." --M.K.

"Eve was great! She was such a hit at my party. She took the time to give everyone a reading, and even agreed to stay beyond her scheduled period. I highly recommend her!" --J.H.

"Thank you!  The meeting today was so clarifying.  I am excited to see where this journey takes me, but without too much worry and control.  I appreciate it so much." --C.B.

"Thanks so much again for a fun night and great readings. All of the guests loved them and it was such a great addition to the party!"  -- S.D.

"Eve was able to connect with me through the tarot cards and her findings were very accurate. It's clear she has a true intuitive gift. I left the reading with tools to help guide me through the current phase in my life and make decisions, as well as confirmation of the right and wrong paths I could take. I definitely highly recommend Eve & Elite Tarot and look forward to our next reading!" -- G.W.


"I came across Eve one afternoon while running a random Google search.  The "Code of Ethics" section on the website really sparked my interest.  Eve was absolutely fabulous. I can't give her enough credit. She was prompt in responding to my appointment request and in her initial call.  She offered guidance throughout the entire process by informing me of what she was doing and offering her interpretation. The whole process was very interactive.  Not once did I feel rushed or as if she was telling me what I wanted to hear. She was very genuine in her responses and I truly appreciate that. She added a positive outlook to even the most personal or surreal moments.  I would definitely recommend her, especially to the skeptics!" -- K.W.

"On time, super sweet and accommodating. We added an extra hour and a half because she was such a hit!" -- K.E.

“Thank you for blessing me with your reading. Your reading was just what I needed and I’m grateful to you and whatever divine energy led us to cross our paths.” -- S.B.

"Eve, I can’t thank you enough! This was a wonderfully uplifting and enlightening session." --H.K.

“Thank you so much for the readings today, all of us had a really great experience and truly enjoyed it!!  Thank you so much again!” -- J.S.

"Thank you so much for the Tarot reading.  It was really helpful and gave me a lot to think about.  I'm starting to feel like I'm on the right track for the first time in a long time!" --T.K.

"Thank you Eve! It was such a pleasure having you do the readings for us. Everybody was super happy with it and we had a great evening discussing each of our readings together after you left." -- F.J.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my reading.  Thanks so much for your insight!" --C.L.

"We had a lovely experience and my guests were thrilled with her knowledge and skill. I would definitely hire her again!" --S.J.

"Eve came all the way to Richmond and conducted readings for our team. It was amazing and she has such a gentle and peaceful nature about her. She makes you feel very comfortable." -- S.S.

"Eve was the very best reader I have ever experienced.  She is thorough, clear and easy to understand, and exceedingly accurate!  I would recommend her for any gathering or event you are planning." -- W.R.

"I have been at a crossroads and have had significant life changes (both parents passed away last year). Not only was Eve able to pick up on some of these things in my reading, but she was able to help to offer guidance and assistance in how I should look at approaching the way forward.  Eve truly has a gift and she has found a way to use it masterfully to benefit others.  I will be calling upon Eve in future and highly recommend her to others if you are looking for a gifted medium." -- H.M.

"Thanks so much for the reading and the inspiration.  I feel better already."  -- P.C.

"When I saw all of the great reviews on Yelp and then the fact that Eve had international clients, I thought "Heck, Why not? It's a new year coming up and I need a new perspective. Let's give it a whirl!". She is the REAL DEAL. Eve has a love for her craft - which is people. She phrases things in such a way to enlighten you and to also show that she "gets you".  It's like she's listening to your soul.  Being a Pisces, I have a very hard time making decisions when I get to a crossroads. Eve shines the light onto the right direction. Can't wait for my followup next year!" --T.B.

"This was my first tarot reading and I must admit I was a little nervous as I wasn't sure what to expect.  Eve conducted the reading in a relaxed and informative manner, making me feel really comfortable.  She seemed to have an uncanny ability to apply the generic meaning of the cards to my life on a personal level.  She helped me gain new perspective on life questions I had been considering and raised other points I had not yet focused on.  It was definitely a clarifying experience and one I plan to repeat.  In addition to being helpful, it was also a lot of fun and something I would highly recommend!" -- S.M.

"Thank you so much Eve! Your words really inspire me. Thank you for your kindness and awesome service." --Y.C.

"I was extremely nervous about having my first tarot card reading, but Eve explained how everything would work and every detail of the reading.  The process brought a lot of insight into my life.  Eve would pull a card and we would discuss the meaning behind it and how it played a part in my life.  It made me really think about what I truly wanted and it was, surprisingly, an optimistic experience.  I now notice what the cards were trying tell me as each day goes by.  I would highly recommend Eve for a tarot card reading.  She is very gentle, kind and overall a warming spirit." --B.K.

"Eve took the time to explain her background and how and why she does what she does before we ever even began the reading.  It put me fully at ease and made it clear that this is not some "woo woo" process.  She explained each card thoroughly and how it could apply to me and my situation.  She also graciously recorded the session so that I could listen to it again on my own.  I enjoyed it and actually got much more out of it than I expected.  I have already referred her to several business owner friends who I feel would enjoy it as well." J.S.

"I've recently had issues in my life that required that I make important, possible life-changing decisions and have been overwhelmed with regards to my current situation.  The tarot card reading provided by Eve helped give me the clarity I needed to figure out where I am now in my life, the reasons I have been unable to make the necessary decisions, and truly provided me with guidance as to what I am looking for and where I need to go from here.  Eve impressed me with her knowledge and professionalism.  She made me feel at ease in discussing the issues and explaining what each card represented for me.  I would highly recommend a reading by Elite Tarot to anyone who is seeking understanding and guidance in their life." --L.M.

“What a phenomenal/right on reading yesterday as always. I felt so much lighter and stronger today.  Amazing. Thanks again. Your gift is such a blessing to me and to the world!!”  -- C.C.

"Eve was a wonderful addition to our neighborhood party. She was very generous with her time, was professional and friendly. Everyone enjoyed the readings very much and had only positive things to say about her. I highly recommend her. If you're looking for fun entertainment that's outside the run of the mill, Elite Tarot is perfect for you." --K.F.

"Eve's reading helped me bring issues to the forefront that I had been keeping from others in my life.  She created a safe space to explore underlying fears and identify new possibilities for openness in the future." --S.B.

"Having never had a Tarot reading I wasn't sure what to expect and was a bit nervous.   Eve did a great job of explaining the process and getting me comfortable with how the reading would work.  After that Eve did a full reading and really seemed to know her stuff.  I felt completely comfortable throughout the whole reading and would highly recommend Eve whether it is your first reading or you are a frequent Tarot visitor."  -- J.N.

"Eve brings a unique interactive process to her tarot readings.  As Eve carefully analyzes multiple aspects of the cards that come up in the reading, she also engages her clients' own intuitive reactions in order to provide a truly informative and thought-provoking experience." --S.G.

"Thank you for coming out to do the program!  It was fantastic!  I’d love to have you out again in the future.  Thanks again, Eve!" --N.W.

"Thank you so much for all of this!!! Going to go through it all again tonight. LOVED MY READING! Thank you!" --D.Q.

“People really enjoyed your readings. Thank you for adding something personal to the party.” --A.C.

"Have been extremely grateful for your guidance over the last few months and could not thank you enough." -- L.J.

"I felt the reading really connected with my life's journey, and helped give me understanding of it in greater depth and insight." -- H. L.

"I was so grateful for the time with Eve – for the chance to not only really clarify what the question was in my mind, as some things had been popping in and out of my thoughts yet not been focused on, but also to get some clarity around it.  Eve helped me to think about the current state of the situation and what was holding me back, as well as what the outlook looked like and some advice needed to get there.  Now I'm excited to take it on!"  --B. N.

"Eve shed a lot of light on my life as it is at moment, and why I feel like I'm not getting where I want to be.  It's because of the pressure that I'm putting on myself and not letting the universe know what I want, and leave it in it's hands to take care of it.  I feel less stressed today, even though the reading was yesterday.  I can't wait to find out in 3 months how my life has turned around." --L.K.

"Amazing!  Could not have done a better job.  Highly recommend!" --B.S.

"I loved my tarot card reading.  Eve was right on with my reading. She explained everything so I could understand each card clearly.  I would recommend her to anyone that has a question in their life they need some help with." --M.W. 

“I just wanted to say thank you for your reading today, it was really impactful. It has given me a great starting point :). I hope to see you again soon.” -- O.E.

“It truly was wonderful meeting you :) I feel that I walked away feeling more self-assured and that I was on the right path with things that I'm pursuing.”-- M.A.

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